Celebrate Christmas with Grey Ogre Games

by Grey Ogre Games

This year has been full of ups and downs, but we've managed to pull through thanks to all of your support. Christmas is drawing close, and our team here at Grey Ogre Games would love to celebrate the joys of this year with you, and to give thanks for all of you, who've been with us throughout such unprecedented times.
For the month of December, we're offering a 12% discount on all singles purchases made on our website, or in-store via our handy point-of-sales terminals! Whether you're looking to add some cards to ensure you (top)deck the halls with Rhystic Studies, or want to build a brand new deck to ring in the Yule(ooze)tide cheer, you'll save more at Grey Ogre Games!
Furthermore, it doesn't matter if you've been 'naughty' all year, if you spend a total of $120 in the period of the 1st to the 12th of December, you make our 'nice' list. Being on the 'nice' list qualifies for our 12-day long giveaway period, where we'll be giving away items hand-picked by our staff, in sets of 12, as our own little gifts to you. We've included Day 1's offerings, and rest assured that Geoffrey's little helpers are busy, packing everything from promo packs, to Jumpstart boosters and Double Masters goodies, for the days to come!
We've more to announce, including our tiered customer rewards program that begins next year, so keep your eyes peeled, your presents wrapped, and your hearts full of joy as you celebrate a wonderful cardboard Christmas here at Grey Ogre Games!

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