New Horizons

by Grey Ogre Games

When we last battled for Zendikar, we had just opened our doors on Club Street, aiming to provide a premium space for all things Magic: the Gathering. Five years on, a little older and hopefully a little wiser, the old land rises once again, and with that, we are taking another big step with the official launch of our website. 

Over the last month, a Beta test has been ongoing and we've heard the comments and feedback from our friends and customers. We've decided to move away from the previous platform in light of the feedback, and with an eye to providing the following improvements:

Ease of viewing and pricing

Firstly, we are moving to pricing in Singapore Dollars to make it easier for our local friends to make purchases.

Store credit, membership, and the future of the GOG community

Secondly, we are going to unify our store credit system into the new website. With the Wizards of the Coast retirement of  DCI numbers, the unique identifier for our old system is now redundant. By moving our store credit over to this new system, we make it far easier for our staff and customers to use and track store credit. You'll get a transaction history and will be able to track your store credit at any time. You'll also be able to apply store credit to purchases on the website and not just at the store. Eventually when it becomes safe to run events again, event management will also be linked to this system. We'll do a more detailed post to ensure everyone is properly introduced to this module so stay tuned for more information.

Grey Ogre, Online

Finally, we have completed phase one in our efforts to digitized our inventory. All English Foils have been on the website for a while now but you'll also now be able to find all English Rares and Mythics there as well.

We've come a long way in these 5 years, and are always looking to improve the experience for our friends and customers. If you have any feedback or queries, please send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We are grateful for your support, and hope you'll continue playing the Magic, and staying for the Gathering.

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