All prices are in USD! Customers purchasing in-store can do so in Singapore Dollars at the prevailing exchange rate.


Ongoing Promotions

In-store Promotions


- All singles purchases above $10 via Facebook will receive complimentary Normal Mail, at buyer's own risk.

- All singles purchases above $50 in store will receive complimentary Tracked Mail.

- All singles purchase in-store or via Facebook are subject to a 10% discount, in celebration of WPN Premium and our 5th anniversary.


Website Launch Promotions


-  All orders placed on the website from 8th September will come with a complimentary Grey Ogre Games™ mask, subject to availability, while stocks last, and limited to 1 per unique customer. 



State of the Store - COVID19 July Update

Singapore exited its circuit breaker shutdown in mid-June but COVID19 continues to affect the world and our society at large, and businesses in particular. Some of our customers have been asking when in-store events will be restarting and we thought we would take some time to address this:

Despite the relaxing of circuit breaker measures, COVID19 still poses a very grave threat, and we take the ongoing pandemic very seriously. As such, we will only reopen the store's play space for events when the health experts tell us it is safe, and the government permits it. Our caution is two-fold: Firstly, it is our view that despite the social distancing measures still in place, running any event with more than 8 people would be irresponsible, for both our beloved customers as well as our staff. Secondly, running afoul of governmental regulations pertaining to a crisis of this order would not only be unwise, but it would most likely result in sanctions, which would in turn result in setbacks toward the community that we've worked so hard to build, as well as the business and the livelihoods of all of the Ogres in our stable.

We miss the hustle and bustle of having our beloved customers in the store, and the store feels a little too large, and a little too lonely at times. Rest assured that we are monitoring the situation carefully and will be quick to launch events again, as soon as we are able to safely do so. In the meantime, we are exploring ways to get people involved online and will look to host some form of event on the web. We are working on the logistics so we humbly ask for your patience. Keep your eyes peeled and check back on this space or through our Facebook page. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and tremendous support in these times, and look forward to welcoming you up our stairs once more, just not right now.






Grey Ogre Games was founded in 2015, backed by decades of industry experience and a customer-first philosophy, on top of Singapore's largest Magic: the Gathering singles inventory. As a brand, Grey Ogre Games is internationally recognized, having attended and organized large-scale Magic events all over the world, while also sponsoring Singapore's first professional Magic: the Gathering team, in our never-ending quest to put Singapore on the world Magic map.


For many years, this inventory has rested atop the picturesque heritage Chinatown district of Club Street in Singapore, and now we're finally able to share all of the rarest, most sought after, and hardest cards to find with you, from the comfort of your own homes and the convenience of your own phones!


Beyond just selling cards, we're excited to finally have a home on the Internet, where we can stay in touch with the friends we've made from all over the world, as well as to be able to reach out and to make some new ones!