GOG Legacy Open - 22 October 23
Grey Ogre Games is proud to present the GOG Legacy Open, happening on the 22nd of October 2023! We've come a long way since the days of our monthly dual land tournaments, with some 4 years between and a whole global pandemic, and we are all psyched to return to larger tournaments, with even larger turnouts and the largest prizes!

Grey Ogre Games, in collaboration with Big Magic, is proud to offer a travel award to the Legacy championship at Eternal Weekend Asia, held at the Players' Convention in Aichi, Japan. This travel award also comes with preregistration for the event, and additionally we are in the process of applying for a 1-round bye at the event for the eventual winner. Grab your Force of Wills, sleeve up your dual lands, and join us at Grey Ogre Games, where Eternal thrives!

Join in the action, win great prizes, and book your ticket for Eternal Weekend by playing at: