Greater Good Discount
Over the #MTGxLOTR prerelease weekend, we ran our own quest for the One Ring, featuring hand-drawn 'ring' cards made by the elves, dwarves, and hobbits that run Grey Ogre Games.

One of these rings, however, was crafted by the Dark Lord himself (some say he's the darkest of all) in secret. Forged in the fires of the proverbial Mount Doom, this ring was meant to control all the others.

Faced with a choice to keep it for himself, or to destroy it for the greater good, our intrepid hero Ignatius did the unthinkable, and well, we'll let the pictures explain themselves.

Congratulations to Ignatius, and we're proud to announce a month-long 'Greater Good' discount - simply enter 'LTRGG23' at checkout on our website to enjoy 10% off of MTG singles purchases throughout the month of July! Enjoy the same discount in person, in our store as well!