Current Buying Status:



*Update 20th March 2024: Due to our current stock situation we are currently not buying cards with a value of US$0.25 and below on the buylist. This may be subject to change in the future once we have sorted through our backlog so check back frequently to be updated on the current status.*



What does this mean? Periodically when we have a large number of cards that have yet to be processed into inventory, we might make a decision to restrict buying of singles or product from customers to store credit only. This allows us some time to get everything caught up and uploaded to the website for your viewing and purchasing pleasure!



How to sell us your cards

In general, we refer to's (CK) Buylist prices to determine what we will pay you for your cards. You can find a link to their website here. If CK does not have your card listed, we will check other websites like Star City or Hareruya. 


Current buy rate for cash purchases: CK's Buylist x 1.2 in SGD (Updated 1st June 23)


For example if the buylist number for a specific card is $10 USD, we will pay you $12.00 in SGD


    Current store credit trade-in bonus: 20%


    If you trade in your cards for store credit, you will get a bonus on top of the cash price. In the earlier example, the $12.00 card would get you a 20% increase to $14.40 worth of store credit. This store credit can be spent on anything in the store, from event entry to purchasing singles or products.


      There are two ways you can sell us your cards:


      1. Simply walk-in and pass the cards you wish to sell to the staff on duty.

      They will assess the condition of your cards and price the cards based on CK's buylist before giving you the final amount.


      Please note that due to constraints on the time of the staff, they will not be able to give you individual price breakdowns for each card. This is the most fuss-free method and requires little to no preparation on your end. However, depending on the size of your sale it could take some time for the staff to finish the pricing.


      2. Prepare your own buylist prior to arriving at the store.

      This requires you to have a cardkingdom account but significantly speeds up your sale. Present the cards and the saved buylist to our staff who will check for condition and make any necessary adjustments. Once done, you get paid!


      Click here for a quick guide on preparing your buylist.