Grey Ogre Games' Hot Buylist is live till 10th November 2023.


Some quick reminders about hotlist purchases:


1. Card Conditions. Hotlist prices are for Near Mint, Non-foil cards only. Cards that are not Near Mint or foil will be bought at our usual prices. (Find out more at


2. Variants. For this hotlist, with the exception of the cards below, Alternate Arts, Showcase variants, Extended Art versions are all acceptable. Do note that Sketch variants are not accepted and will be purchased at our normal prices. For the following cards only regular versions will be accepted.

- Sheoldred, the Apocalypse | DMU | 72


 3. Set Requirements. The prices on the hotlist are specific to the sets indicated. Mystery Booster or List versions of cards (planeswalker symbol in the bottom right of the card) are not accepted at hotlist prices unless otherwise stipulated.


4. No Store Credit Bonus for Hotlist Purchases. As our prices for the hotlist are already elevated above our normal purchase prices, there will not be the usual 20% bonus for trading in hotlist cards for store credit.


5. 4 Copy Limit per Individual. To allow all our customers an equal opportunity to benefit from our higher buy prices, we will only purchase up to 4 copies of each card in the hotlist per customer. If you wish to sell more than 4 copies of any card on the list do reach out to us through facebook messenger or at to check beforehand.