Double Masters 2XM VIP Edition Booster

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Each Double Masters 2XM VIP Edition Booster will have the following contents:
2 foil showcase borderless cards (only found in VIP edition)
These borderless cards will be two from a selection of 40, 32 of which are rare/mythic rare and 8 of which are uncommon/common.
Cards with a rare expansion symbol appear twice as frequently as those with a mythic rare expansion symbol.
Wizards clarified that this slot may contain 2 foil borderless showcase cards with rare expansion symbols or 1 showcase rare and 1 showcase mythic, but never 2 mythic rare showcase cards.
2 foil rares, or 1 foil rare and 1 foil mythic.
8 foil uncommons
9 foil commons
10 full-art basic lands (only found in VIP edition; numbered #373 to #382)
2 foil full-art basic lands (only found in VIP edition, 2 randomly selected from among the 10 options)
2 foil double-sided tokens (only found in VIP edition)

- This product is only for sale locally in Singapore.

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