Jumpstart 2022 J22 Booster Box

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    Jumpstart 2022 is sold in 20-card Jumpstart Boosters, with 24 boosters per booster box. Each booster contains a face card (the "Pack Summary card") that indicates the pack's theme and color. The 20 cards include one new designed card and a Booster Fun card in anime style.

    The contents of each pack fit one of 46 randomly-chosen themes, with each theme having a "rarity" of common, rare, or mythic rare. Common and rare themes have multiple variations of their pack contents; in total, there are 121 possible pack contents. All boosters contain at least one rare, and one in three boosters includes an extra rare. Within each pack, seven or eight of the 20 cards are lands and the rest are spells.

    Each Jumpstart 2022 Booster box contains:
    24 Jumpstart 2022 Boosters

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